About Us

Spilhaus Brewery is a passion project, which started on Spilhaus Avenue, in the shadow of the great Table Mountain. The growing desire of customers who want to feel valued, and engage with the product they are buying, sparked the idea of making custom craft beers. Spilhaus Brewery set out in 2016 to create a premium product and service, aspiring to supply it to the world; one delivery at a time.

Our custom range is for premium events, where you can put your brand in everyone’s hand, or is ideal for sharing the love with mates in the form of a personalised gift.

The Spilhaus range is everything you want from a beer. It’s contemporary, elegant, strong and desirable. We have stopped at nothing to present our premium quality beers to you.

Our beers are made with only the highest quality of materials, producing the highest quality beer. We endeavour to promote the love of beer and educate our comrades on all aspects of beer, from mill to mouth. Beer is our passion and we strive to adapt and grow in order to share not just our beer, but the Spilhaus Brewery Experience with you.

- Nicholas Walker


Mission Statement

To be a company whose passion for beer and people is paramount, offering a premium, stress free and accessible product. Striving to take note of the details and to appreciate and encourage everyone’s individuality. We will work smart and hard, collaborating together in order to educate and empower our comrades, resulting in the spreading of rest, love and our delicious golden liquid to the world.