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  • 12 Beers to Christmas - Craft Beer Advent Calendar
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12 Beers to Christmas - Craft Beer Advent Calendar

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NEW PRODUCT - only 150 available. 

  • 12 x 330ml Cans
  • 6 Different styles of beer and fun labels
  • 4 Breweries
  • 1 advent calendar box

What better way to add to the festive cheer than do a 12 beers countdown to Christmas? Start on the 13th of December and every day open a flap to reveal the beer of that day, counting you ever closer to Christmas Day.

The box has been design to stand upright and is the same height as milk or wine bottles so it should fit in the bottom shelf of your fridge. This keeps all the beers cold and well stored ready to drink on their respective day.

Grab these for yourself, or gift them to share the Christmas cheer.

The beer line up is so great that you could even gift them as a Christmas present ;)

Product Features

Beer on 12 and 5 Days to Christmas:

Valley Brewery - PayDay

A delicious Pale Ale brewed in the deep south of Africa. 


Beer on 11 and 1 Days to Christmas:

Spilhaus Brewery - Premium Lager

A delicately made Czech Pale Lager, showcasing a bready malt richness and refreshing herbal notes. This anytime premium beer is well balanced and perfect to quench your thirst.

·         ABV: 4.0%

·         Colour: Straw gold

·         IBU: 23

·         Drinkability: Light sessional and refreshing

·         Award winning beer 

Beer on 10 and 6 Days to Christmas:

Lakeside Brewing Co. - IPA

Quality Indian Pale Ale. This comes in at 5.2% and packs a punch of tropical hops on the aroma and pallet. 


Beer on 9 and 2 Days to Christmas:

Lakeside Brewing Co. - Lager

A simple house lager brewer by Lakeside Brewing Co. largely for the tap rooms in the deep south.

This is a malt forward craft lager, which is crisp and easy drinking. 5% Alcohol makes it perfect for drinking several on the hot summer days.


Beer on 8 and 3 Days to Christmas:

Spilhaus Brewery - Märzen Lager

The reddish copper appearance suggests a toasted malty flavour, with bready and toffee notes coming through. It is slightly sweet, but well balanced by a restrained bitterness.

·         ABV: 5.5%

·         Colour: Amber

·         IBU: 19

·         Drinkability: Easy drinking yet full of flavour

·         Award winning beer


Beer on 7 and 4 Days to Christmas:

Valley Brewery - Umlungu

A craft lager, refreshing and easy drinking at 4.5%, but with a distinctive peach aroma and flavour making it almost a session IPA.