Frequently Asked Questions

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1 x 12pack. All our beer products come in quantities as small as 1 x 12pack.

Check our shipping page: Shipping

Generally around 1-7 working days.

Yes we have nationwide delivery in South Africa. Shipping

105mm wide x 87mm high

Yes, they are and the ink does not bleed so you can happily put them in an ice bucket.

We only stock 330ml canned beer.

For large bulk orders we can change to bottles.

Cans are generally better all around check "Why are cans better than bottles?"

1. They are lighter, take up less space and are easier to move, reducing transport cost by up to 33% (that's good for the pocket and environment).

2. Cans maintain aroma and flavour far more effectively than glass or plastic. Think of them as mini-kegs.

3. Keeps out oxygen and light, which accelerate the staling of beer.

4. They get cold quicker than bottles or plastic.

5. Aluminium cans are 100% and infinitely recyclable.

No we do not offer 6packs. If you bulk order more than 200 x 6packs we can look at personalising your order to 6packs.