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Easter Mixed Pack

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CAPE TOWN AREA: 1-3 days

SA CITIES: 3-7 working days 

SMALLER TOWNS: 4-10 working days


12pack of 330ml Cans with 6 different Easter themed labels.
6 x Premium Lagers and 6 x Marzen Lagers.

The ideal Easter gift, instead of chocolates (although those are good too)! Something that is thoughtful, personal, festive, amazingly scrumptious and painfully easy to get. 

Keep these craft beers cold and drink them fresh with your special people.

Product Features

Märzen Lager

The reddish copper appearance suggests a toasted malty flavour, with bready and toffee notes coming through. It is slightly sweet, but well balanced by a restrained bitterness.

·         ABV: 5.5%

·         Colour: Amber

·         IBU: 19

·         Drinkability: Easy drinking yet full of flavour

·         Award winning beer


Premium Lager

A delicately made Czech Pale Lager, showcasing a bready malt richness and refreshing herbal notes. This anytime premium beer is well balanced and perfect to quench your thirst.

·         ABV: 4.0%

·         Colour: Straw gold

·         IBU: 23

·         Drinkability: Light sessional and refreshing

·         Award winning beer